Release 1.11 EasyGov

As an eGovernment offering of the Federal Administration, EasyGov is subject to numerous legal requirements for compliance with accessibility. In particular, EasyGov must fulfil the conformity requirements in accordance with WCAG 2.0 and achieve conformity level AA. The compliance requirements have only been partially met to date. A total of 22 measures were defined and implemented with release 1.11 to achieve conformity level AA.

Release 1.10 EasyGov

VAT returns

  • Thanks to a successful cooperation project with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA), VAT returns can now be submitted by following the ‘VAT-declaration easy’ process on EasyGov.
  • Tax representatives now have the option of processing a declaration release by their clients via EasyGov.

Work permits for third-country nationals

  • Applications for a work permit for third-country nationals are now possible on the portal in the pilot canton of Thurgau.

Release 1.9 EasyGov

Registration or permit requirement for foreign workers in Switzerland:
The processing of cross-border commuter permits for EU/EFTA nationals is provided on the portal with the pilot cantons of Thurgau and Zurich. Further pilot cantons are being planned.

New digital functions as part of the digitisation project of the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations (FSBF):
With the current update, foundations have the option of processing eESA services via the EasyGov platform and using it for all their specific transactions with the FSBF and other authorities, such as the Commercial Register or the OASI Compensation Fund. In particular, annual reporting can be completed electronically without media discontinuity.

Integration of SICHEM, the tool for the safe use of chemicals

Release 1.8 EasyGov

Reporting procedure for employed refugees and temporarily admitted persons:

  • Since 1 January 2019, temporarily admitted persons and recognised refugees have been able to take up employment after a report has been submitted to the labour market authorities.
  • The newly digitalised reporting procedure on EasyGov makes the reporting process even simpler for employers.

Debt enforcement: more functions:

  • The latest update now also offers options to submit requests to continue debt enforcement proceedings and sale requests, as well as send general submissions, to the offices.

Release 1.7 EasyGov

Vacancy reporting obligation:

  • create a job advertisement
  • report a vacancy to the regional job centre where required
  • view the status confirmation from the job centre in EasyGov
  • advertise vacancies to the public:
    • immediately for non-reportable vacancies
    • after the statutory five-day embargo period for reportable vacancies

Working hour authorisations:

  • record working hour requests in full
  • transmit working hour requests to the responsible authority fully electronically and receive, view and manage its response on EasyGov
  • use previously recorded requests as templates or extend authorisations
  • a clear overview of all ongoing transactions, i.e. working hour requests and working hour authorisations
  • once requests have been assessed by the authority, the applicant can view the authorisations on EasyGov
  • employees of the Cantonal Labour Inspectorate (KAI) and SECO can record working hour requests on behalf of companies

Release 1.6 EasyGov

  • The process for publishing official SOGC reports has now been integrated into EasyGov, meaning that certain official publications can be filed via EasyGov and transmitted to the SOGC.
  • “e-trademark”, the electronic trade mark application process, is offered as a partial integration via EasyGov.
  • In addition to trade mark applications, changes of address for existing trademarks can also be made in the register.

Release 1.5 EasyGov

  • With release 1.5, the digital platform now assists small companies in particular with entering their salary data for their salary declarations to Suva.
  • The debt enforcement service desk’s features are now available to associations, foundations and cooperatives too, while an authorisation database provides an overview of all professions in Switzerland that are regulated or require authorisation.

Release 1.4 EasyGov

  • Apply to instigate debt enforcement proceedings against an individual or legal entity.
  • Request an extract from the debt enforcement register. Individuals can also do this in the public part of without the need to register or log in.
  • The Swiss government is making it easier for high-performing SMEs with scope for further development to take out bank loans. Contact with the competent loan guarantee organisation can now be initiated online via

Release 1.3 EasyGov

  • User’s evaluation after completing the process relating to an official service
  • Display of current Commercial Register entries from Zefix
  • E-mail notification after completion of an official service
  • Option to assign rights for the official services
  • Advantages of the SuisseID highlighted on homepage

Release 1.2 EasyGov

EasyGov version 1.3 offers access to online services provided by the authorities, such as:

New companies:

  • Registering for old-age and survivors’ insurance
  • Registering for value added tax
  • Registering for accident insurance (private and official providers)
  • Registering in the commercial register

Existing companies:

  • Making modifications to commercial register entries (e.g. personnel changes or amendments to the articles of association)

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